About Me

Ooh er, it's my headName: Alaka Salam Prodhan
Location: Manchester, England
Hobbies: Drawing, art, website design, Internet, emailing my mates, drinking eating sleeping Babylon 5/Gladiator, listening to my soundtracks, eating Chinese, going to the pictures, playing badminton.
Favourite books: 1984, Animal Farm, Lord of the Rings, Northern Lights, Frontier Earth, Ender's Game, Babylon 5: In the Beginning.
Favourite TV programmes: Babylon 5, Farscape, Friends, The Simpsons, Red Dwarf, Big Brother, GvsE, Buffy, Angel, Goodness Gracious Me.
Favourite films: Duhhhh. :-) Gladiator, The Matrix, Starship Troopers, Terminator I and II,  Pitch Black, The Truman Show, Babylon 5: In the Beginning, Contact, Of Mice and Men, Proof, Men in Black, The Mummy, The Sixth Sense, Forrest Gump, Groundhog Day, Twins, Scrooged, Enemy of the State, Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, Emma, Jerry Maguire, Austin Powers 2, the James Bond/Indiana Jones/Back to the Future films, Star Trek: First Contact, Aliens, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Overboard, L.A Confidential.
Favourite actors: Bruce Boxleitner, Russell Crowe, David Boreanaz, Peter Jurasik, Ben Browder, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Brendan Fraser, Patrick Stewart, Ralph Fiennes, Will Smith, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Aamir Khan, Rithik Roshan

Favourite actresses: Connie Nielsen, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian, Gwynneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Goldie Hawn, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta Jones, Claudia Black, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai
Last film I went to see at the cinema: Mohabbatein
Last book I read: "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
Favourite colours: Blue, purple, chrome
Favourite quotes (T.V/Film): (Only the ones I can think of at the moment.   There are loads!)

"What we do in life...echoes in eternity!" GLADIATOR
"Assimilate this/Dodge this/Eat this!" <bang!> ST: First Contact/The Matrix/Aliens
"You bet your shiny, blue ass I did!" Farscape
"They cut the power?  Whaddya mean they cut the power they're just animals, man!" Aliens
"I am the right hand of vengeance, and the boot that is gonna kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart." Babylon 5
"Now get the Hell out of our galaxy!" Babylon 5
"Strength and honour!" GLADIATOR
"Whoa." The Matrix
"Come with me if you want to live." Terminator I/II
"The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition, to be born, in moments of revelation.  No-one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us.  We know only, that it is always born...in pain." Babylon 5

Favourite food: Plain rice/my mum's chicken/little ghee, Chinese, my dad's Makhini, chocolate!, kebabs!, Pringles, stir fry noodles, eggs in any form or shape.
Favourite veggies: Potatoes, cucumbers, onions, mushrooms.
Favourite animals: Cats, chimpanzees, cheetahs, penguins.
Motto: Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Loves: (Sorry if I repeat myself a little here) Eating drinking and sleeping B5/Gladiator, quoting, drooling over Bruce Boxleitner and Russell Crowe :-D, website design, drawing, writing fanfiction, reading a really good poem, listening to my soundtracks, eating (just plain eating!), science-fiction/fantasy, going out to the movies, chatting to my mates, learning about World History and wars, plastering my walls with pictures...(!)

Hates: CHAIN LETTERS!  I HATE THEM WITH A VENGEANCE!  Erm, spiders, jogging/athletics (URGH!), women whose eyebrows are a different colour to their hair!!  I don't why, it just really annoys me.  Ooh, I hate it when people turn their eyelids inside out.  People who think sci-fi fans are really "sad".   People who think there's no point in studying History because it's already happened and it's in the past (GRRRRR!).  If people actually payed attention to History maybe there wouldn't have been a World War II.  *sighs and shakes head*  I hate the idea of nuclear war - images from Terminator II scared the Hell out of me - especially the burning playground *shudder*.  Morbid or what!  I don't personally see the attraction of watching scary movies...I mean, they're scary!!  *G*  What else...hmmm.  Can't think of anything else right now.  Ohh yeah, Pokemon and Daphne and Celeste.  One word: why???