Miscellaneous Stuff

Here you will find weird and wonderful things which are kinda relevant but I haven't the faintest idea where to put them on this mad house of a site. :-)

coliseum.jpg (16852 bytes)

Yes, I know, the Colosseum doesn't actually have anything to do with anything on this page...but it's a nice picture of it don't you think? ;-)

GLADIATOR: Numero 6: This was linked from my latest updates but since that is bound to disappear soon I'll link to it here.  Read if you want to find out what strange things passed through my mind upon my sixth and final cinematic viewing of Gladiator...

Gladiator...in French?: One of my French homeworks this year has been to describe a famous personality in appearance and in personality.  And guess who I chose... *G*  Now of course, I could have blabbed on *much* more extensively...but remember, this was to be handed in to my teacher to be marked, and to live forever and ever in my "Devoirs" book!  lol

Top ten sexiest film characters: This is a type up of a newpaper article I found in my local paper.  Verrrry interesting...lol.  I would've scanned it but our scanner has the tendency to crash our entire computer.  Ooops. :)

DVD Cover redesigned: What the Gladiator DVD *should've* looked like... ;-)

"One of the most thrilling films you'll ever see!": A type up of the Gladiator review from "The Scene," Blockbuster Video's magazine.

"FILM of the MONTH - The most talked about film of the 21st century...": Type up of the several articles contained in the Gladiator-mad "Switched On," Choices VIDEO's magazine.  Includes cute little article on Russell, and a little historical insight into the world of the real gladiators.  Immense gratitude and hugz to Georgie B for sending me this mag.